KBAP balle reot Beksi 4 Bintang

KBAP balle reot Beksi 4 Bintang


In Her Country, 5 Women Were Killed Everyday Just Because They Were Women

One Women’s Death Was Suppposed To Be An Intimidation For All Of Them

The Killers Were Men

Men Ram The Justice System

While Men Get Their Sentences Reduced For Good Conduct Or Unjust Provocation…

… Retaliating Women Were Sent To Prison For Life

She Had Enough

They Had Enough

“Keep Your Fucking Laws Off My Body” They Rebelled

It Was Time To Take Control, It Was Time For Self-Defense…

It Was Time To Learn Beksi

And It Was Time For A Journey

If You Ever Feel Attacked By A Feminist Fighter, It Is Probably A Counter Attack

We Are Not Pretty, We Are Not Ugly

We Are Not Strong, We Are Not Weak

We Are Pretty Furious Women Acting In Self-Defense


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